The Office Of The Sheriff

Madison County, Idaho

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PhoneInmate Telephone Services at Madison County Jail

  If you would like additional information about Telmate's inmate calling services, please visit

  Madison County Sheriff's Office has contracted with Telmate to provide inmates and their family and friends easy-to-use inmate telephone calling services at affordable rates. To help inmates stay connected with the outside world, Telmate provides the following multiple calling options.

  1. Collect Calls - Inmate places a collect call that is accepted and paid for by the party they are calling - e.g. the friends and family members.
  Note: Inmates CANNOT make collect calls to cell phones, business phones or numbers that are blocked from receiving collect calls.

  2. Prepaid Calls – Prepaid call accounts are set up by the called party (e.g. the inmate's family or friends) to eliminate the problem of collect call blocks. Inmates can place prepaid calls to cell phones, office phones, hospitals and other commercial phone numbers that normally do not accept collect calls. When an inmate calls the end user, the call charges are deducted from the called party's prepaid account.
  To receive prepaid calls, inmate's family or friends and others can easily and quickly set up Prepaid Call Account by one of these methods: Visit Telmate's website at, or call Telmate toll-free at 1-866-516-0115.

  Note: Telmate allows a ONE TIME, ONE MINUTE complimentary free call between the inmate and the called party when the number that the inmate is trying to call is blocked from receiving collect calls.

  3. Debit Calls – Inmates have the ability to purchase debit phone time through the commissary to call their friends and family members. The inmates pay for these calls and no charges appear on the called party's monthly phone bill. Family and friends can also add money to an inmate's trust account, which he / she can then use to buy debit phone time in the following ways: Online by visiting the Telmate website at http://www.telmate.comby calling Telmate toll-free at 1-866-516-0115or using our facility kiosk located at the Madison County Jail.

  Blocking / Unblocking Numbers: Telmate's inmate telephones service allows you to block your number so that inmates at the Madison County Jail cannot call your number.

  For any Customer Service Issues regarding Inmate Telephone Services, please contact Telmate at 1-866-516-0115.

INMATE VOICE MAIL - Friends and family can now leave inmates a voice mail message up to 3 minutes for only $1.25. Just call 1-866-516-0115 and follow the prompts.