The Madison County Sheriff’s Patrol is committed to excellence in service through teamwork and community involvement in order to promote a safe and secure environment. Deputies on patrol respond to calls for service from the public and investigate misdemeanor crimes.

The Patrol Deputies provide police services to all unincorporated areas of Madison County. This includes on-road and off-road areas of the Bureau of Land Management, privately owned ranches, and Forest Service Land. They are also contracted to provide police services to Sugar City. Deputies are responsible for patrolling approximately 473 square miles of land and more than 450 miles of roads in the county.

In addition to answering a myriad of calls from the public, Deputies respond to alarms throughout the county, perform home and business checks, and serve papers generated by the civil section of the sheriff’s office. Patrol deputies also inspect boats and personal water craft for current registration and required safety equipment. While patrolling the waterways, deputies watch for unsafe and reckless boating practices and for boaters operating under the influence of alcohol. Patrol deputies also participate in any search and rescue or recovery operations that occur on the waterways or in the back country of Madison County.