Dispatch Center.

The purpose of the Madison County Dispatch Center is to provide a central location whereby emergency calls for assistance from the citizens of and visitors to Madison County may be answered by skilled dispatchers in a prompt, compassionate, and courteous manner. It also serves as the primary dispatch facility for all fire, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and law enforcement agencies in the County.

A dispatcher is the link between the public and the public safety responders. To complete this link, a dispatcher must be able to pass on a certain amount of information in order to coordinate responders. All callers are equally important, regardless of whether the request is for a responder or for information. To help determine what type of request they are dealing with, a dispatcher will ask specific questions which will vary depending on what type of request is being received. This information is invaluable to emergency responders to help them locate the victims quickly.

Remember in any emergency situation, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. The most important thing you, as a citizen, can do is to remain as calm as possible and call 911 immediately to provide the information necessary to set in motion the response that will be most effective to the type of emergency that exists.