The Office Of The Sheriff

Madison County, Idaho

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  The Madison County Sheriff's Office is responsible for issuing Idaho Driver's licenses, Idaho State Identification Cards and Driver's License Permits. Examining applicants before issuing driver's licenses is the responsibility of Idaho sheriffs as well. This examination must include a test of the applicant's eyesight. In addition, a first-time applicant's knowledge of Idaho traffic laws must be tested by a computerized examination.

  All Idaho residents who plan to drive motor vehicles are required to obtain a valid Idaho driver's license. Anyone who moves here from another state and holds a valid driver's license from that state have 90 days (30 days for Commercial Driver's Licenses) during which to obtain an Idaho driver's license and surrender his or her out-of-state license. Exceptions are active duty members of the US military and their dependents and students who claim residency in other states.

  The Driver's License Office is located in the Sheriff's Office at 145 East Main Street in Rexburg. The office can be reached by calling the Madison County Sheriff's Office during office hours at (208) 372-5003.

Driver's License Hours

Monday.............. 8:30 - 4:45
Tuesday............. 8:30 - 4:45
Wednesday........ 8:30 - 4:45
Thursday............ 8:30 - 4:45
Friday................. 8:30 - 5:45

*Testing is cut off 1 hour before close time.
*CDL Testing is cut off 2 hours before close time.


Questions Most Asked In Driver's License Department

1. What do I need to get an Idaho Driver's License or I.D. Card?
  You will need a driver license / I.D. card from your former state, your SS number, and proof of residency (see #2). You will also need to take a written test (see #3).

2. What do I need to show proof of residency?
  You will need one of the following: a current, utility bill, rental or mortgage contract, pay check stub with name and physical address, govt. mail or residency affidavit.

3. Do I have to take a test?
  If you have a current valid driver's license from another state, you will only be required to take a written test.

4. What are the fees for a driver's license?
  Ages 18-21 (3 yr) $25.00; over 21 yrs old (4 yr) $30.00 or (8 yr) $55.00.

5. What are the fees for an Idaho I.D. card?
  Under 21 years old $10.00. Anyone over 21 years of age; (4 yr) $10.00 (8 yr) $20.00.

6. I just got married, so how do I change my name on my Idaho Driver's License / I.D. Card?
  You will need to bring your Certified Marriage Certificate into the Drivers License Office and we can issue you a new license under you married name.

7. I lost my Idaho Driver's License. How do I get another one?
  Just come in to your local driver's license office. We have photos on file to identify you. We will take a new photo and there is a $15.00 charge.

8. What documents do I need to get my child a Driver's Training Permit?
  You will need a certified birth certificate, SS number, school ID Card, or year book photo, verification of enrollment in school, and a natural parent or guardian to sign for liability.

9. Do I need to let you know when I have a change of address?
  Yes, you have 30 days to report your change of address.

10. How do I get a motorcycle permit?
  You must have an Idaho Drivers License that is current for at least 6 months, and pass a motorcycle written test.


  For further information, visit the Idaho Department of Transportation website at